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The Pioneer Series

 - Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series Packages -

In our popular Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series log home packages, we offer our largest log profile selections.

These selections include a variety of profiles, exceptional long lengths and large diameters, and other options.

Log materials are all well seasoned Spruce or Lodgepole Pine, selected for appearance and in accordance with very stringent TPI grade standards.

Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and other popular log species are also available upon request.

- Profile Selections -

Round Profile

Squared Profile

D-Log Profile

Swedish Cope & Saddle Notched

Diameters range from 6" to 18"

Lengths up to 60'

Draw knife finish option

Mountain Hewn & Dovetailed

Sizes: 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, 6” x 12”, & 8” x 12”

Standard lengths to 24', longer lengths by request

Hand hewn finish option

Saddle Notched Or Dovetailed

Sizes: 6" x 6", 4" x 8, 6" x 8, 8" x 8", 6" x 12", & 8" x 12"

Standard lengths up to 24', longer lengths by request

Draw knife (exterior), hand hewn (interior) finish options

Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series: Expect More - Get More!

- Logs, Beams, & Siding Are Well Seasoned - Ready To Build & Finish -

Other Log Home Industry Leading Features

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Even More Features

- Longest Log Lengths -

- Few To No Butt Joints -

- Very Best Appearance -

- Profile Match Log Siding -

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- Affordably Priced -

- High Quality Log Grade -

- Hewn Or Draw Knifed Finish -

- Log Walls, Floors, & Roofs -

The Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series materials have been used in

residential and commercial applications throughout North America, including:

Log Homes - Resort Developments - Lodges - Sporting Goods Stores - Water Park Inns & More!

Let Us Assist In Planning Your New Commercial Development Themed Park, Residence, Or Other.

Assistance: (812) 246.1444

"Profile Match" Log Siding

Our "Profile Match" log siding and full log corner options provide a complementary matching log look for framed walls or framed buildings.

When the project demands more, select from the Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series.

- The Pendley Design -

Shown In 12" Pioneer Series Custom Craft Log Work

The Pendley Design (above) and the featured home below are just a few examples.

The Pioneer Series Custom Craft - For the client that prefers large uniform round logs and beamery. 

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Plans featured in the RCM CAD Design Series on this web site are ideal for construction utilizing round profile

 Swedish cope saddle notched log work, as well as Mountain Hewn dovetail logs or saddle notched D-logs.

New Plans Booklet!  View our new Pioneer Custom Craft Plan Series, featuring 25 of our favorite RCM Cad Designs,

specially selected for residential applications employing large log profiles offered in our Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series option.

  The finished interiors photos above and the RCM designs below well reflect the exceptional quality, beauty, and appeal of our

Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series log homes. 

Commercial Applications

In addition to residential application, we also offer a professional design/build service for exceptional log or timber based commercial projects.

This includes applications such as resort developments, restaurants, lodges, club houses, water park inns, villages, sporting goods stores and more.

Capability includes a huge ready supply of timber and milling capability for any sized project.  Installation coverage is nationwide in the United States.

- The Snoqualmie Pass - - The Cloudcroft - - The Pine Mountain - - The Arrowhead - - The Camden Farms -

- Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series  -

- Log Profiles & "Profile Match" Log Siding -

- Diameters To 18" - Lengths To 60' - Well Seasoned & High TPI Grade - Always Affordable -

Swedish Coped Log Profiles

Our Swedish coped wall log profile is available in sizes of 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 12", 13", 14", 16", & 18".

Logs corners are saddle notched.

Logs from 6"-13" are available up to 60 feet in length. 14"-18" are provided up to 34 feet in length.

Logs from 6"-13" are also available with the double T&G profile.

Both random log and pre-cut orders are provided with detailed reference codes.

Authentic hand peeled finish option available for added "rustic" appeal.

Mountain Hewn Log Profiles

Our Mountain Hewn logs profiles are available in sizes of 8” x 8”, 10” x 10”, 6” x 12”, & 8” x 12”.

Standard lengths up to 24', noting longer lengths are available upon request.

Matching exterior siding is available for all sizes.

Standard corner systems for the Mountain Hewn log profile is the Dovetail.

The Butt & Pass is also an option for this profile.

Authentic hand hewn finish option is available for added "rustic" appeal.

“D” Log Profiles

Our "D" shaped log profiles are available in sizes 6" x 6", 4" x 8, 6" x 8, 8" x 8", 6" x 12", & 8" x 12".

Standard lengths up to 24', with longer lengths available upon request.

Standard corner system for this profile is saddle notched. Butt & pass option is also available.

Matching exterior log siding is available for most profiles.

Authentic hand peeled finish option available for added "rustic" appeal.

“Profile Match” Log Siding Profiles

Our “Profile Match” log siding is available in sizes of 6”, 8”, 9” & 10”, in rounded face application.

This ship/lap version of log siding blends perfectly with our wall logs, both Swedish coped and T & G.

A “Profile Match” siding selections also offers a perfect complement to our Mountain Hewn profiles.

These log sidings are ideal for framed gable ends, dormers, renovations or new framed construction.

Full saddle notch or dovetail corners available, with attached siding to long lengths.

Full log post options in round or square profile are also available.

Authentic hand hewn or hand peeled finish options are available for an excellent rustic appeal.

Log & Heavy Timber Floor & Roof Systems & More

A large selection of round log or squared timber components are offered for other areas of the log shell, including:

 main or upper level floor logs/beams, main or porch roof system logs/beams, support posts, outside corner trim,

fireplace mantles, log accents, furniture options and much more. 

Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series: Log Package Components & Printable Flier

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This Pioneer Series Custom Craft Log Series Building Shell Rendering Is Shown With

Round Swedish Cope Saddle Notched Log Walls, Upper Floor Joists, & Roof Timbers

This Pioneer Custom Craft Log Series Flier Is

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